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Multi-layer Blow Container is the container which creates multiple layers by simultaneously injecting 3 different materials. GLP KOREA makes multi-layer blow containers with two types, PE : Adhesive : EVOH or PE : Adhesive : Q300.

The EVOH used for the outer surface is highly transparent, chemical & oil resistant. It is better than other plastics at keeping air out and preventing the contents from being released to the surface. As the result, it's perfect material for all kinds of cosmetics including Sun & BB cream.

The other material used for outer surface is Q300, kinds of PP family with highly soft touch feeling & matte feeling. It is also strong chemical resistant but slightly weaker at oxygen barrier than EVOH. Therefore it can be used for all kinds of cosmetics except BB & Sun cream.

GLP Korea has specialized techniques for this production and has various designs of free molds to supply our customers.